iD: selecting the element I want when disconnecting elements

iD has an “extract node” function.

When I select a node and choose “extract this node from its parent lines/areas”, the node I want is always at the bottom of the pile: to select the node I want, I first have to move the other lines/areas out of the way. Then I put the node I want where I want it, then I return the lines/areas to (roughly) where they were before.

This edits all the ways at that intersection, and returning the way is also imprecise.

Is there a way of selecting the node without moving the other ways? The same problem occurs when disconnecting and splitting multiple ways - the way you had selected when you performed the operation is at the bottom of the heap.

In this case I want to move n2620774068 to 51.047694, -3.630958. (I want to know how to do that, too, but will ask on another thread.)

Here’s another workaround, but you have to use the keyboard:

  1. Move the other lines or areas out of the way.
  2. Select the extracted node.
  3. Press CtrlZ (⌘Z on macOS) to undo the move in step 1.
  4. Press M (might be different in some locales) to move the extracted node out from under the lines or areas.

In the shortcuts wiki iD/Shortcuts - OpenStreetMap Wiki

There’s this line that might do it.

  • </kbd>, ↨ Pause (PC), F15 (Mac) – if a node at a line intersection is selected: Cycle through parent ways (currently selected parent is highlighted in light red). Currently only useful for vertex navigation: “turning” at intersections.

Edit: Maybe this github exchange using the ID Editor preview points at the solution

I have no problems moving this node after I extracted it. Maybe you are in “No filling” mode (not sure is the right translation, I have iD in italian)? Does something change after you click “W” on your keyboard?

No filling:

Partial filling (you can now select the node with ease):

Certainly in JOSM this is a peanut effort by clicking the centre mousewheel after selecting aline or node and it presents a list what’s all stacked on that line/node. Pick and copy or unglue, pick and move. Then reglue what’s left in it’s old spot.



To see a list of all keyboard shortcuts click the Help button “?” on the right side and then go for the keyboard shortcuts.

(JIC you don’t know how to in JOSM) To extract/disconnect of a POI or other things like stop spots on a road, found selecting of a target node and hitting the G (unGlue), extracts the node information and puts a copy to the side, removing the same information from it’s original spot but otherwise leaving the source node alone. The example for an address on the wrong building wall.


Select the address, hit G and the action screen appears


Hit Unglue and this is the result.


Take it wherever you want, or bin it.

Oh, and the history for the unglued info carrying node is preserved. :O))