iD: Not always seeing waypoint names from local GPX file

When I load a local GPX file into the iD editor (currently 2.1.3), I am seeing a label next to each waypoint. The label is the waypoint’s ‘description’ field ( from the GPX file), unless there is no description field, in which case iD displays the waypoint name.

I don’t think it used to work this way. I think it always displayed the waypoint name, which I think would be much more useful. In my case, the descriptions are not helpful to identify the waypoints, and it would really be better if only the names were shown.

Does anyone know if this changed in iD, or am I wrong and it always gave priority to desc over name?

If there has been a change to iD, the people who will know are over at . Searching the issues there for “waypoint” doesn’t find anything obvious, but I haven’t looked very hard.

As an aside, personally I use Potlatch2 rather than iD or JOSM mainly because its GPX waypoint support is by far the best of the three, but there are pros and cons of each of the main OSM editors.

Thanks, I did look on github first. I know this forum gets mostly other editor questions but I thought I would try anyway.

It’s possible that I just never ran into this before. I was using GPX files from my GPS unit in iD, and these have waypoints with only the name, no description. Then I tried a GPX file from Viking (mapping software), where I had added the same description to a number of waypoints - and iD was displaying those descriptions instead of names.

So maybe it always worked that way. But I still think it is wrong. Maybe I’ll open an issue on their github site.