iD Editor Time to See New Paths?

I thought I posted this already but I don’t find it anywhere so I will try again and hope it does not double post:

When I edit a footpath or add a bench, etc. to a trail or just fix the name of a trail, or add a bridge or ford where needed over a stream. Then I save my changes and they are pretty much immediately viewable on the OSM. But when I draw a new path using an uploaded gps trace, when I save it, I do not find it on the OSM. I have waited a few hours or longer and it is not there. There were no errors or messages when saving so it all seemed to work.

Does anyone know, maybe it takes a lot longer, (days, weeks?), for a new path to show on the map than it does for edits to an existing path?

No. It doesn’t matter if you add or edit a path. Changes are immediately added to the OSM database.
Maybe this will answer your question:

OK, thanks. The new path I drew from my friend’s uploaded trace does not show up in my changeset history so, even though there was no indication at the time that there was a problem saving it, obviously the change did not take.

I had also given the original trace maker instructions to draw a footpath/trail on the OSM using his trace as a guide. Even though he did successfully save a change (changeset 95517279), I don’t see what I would expect when looking at the map. Perhaps we are doing something wrong in the drawing and saving process. I have done it successfully in the past, but it has been quite a while.

Also, on the standard map view, if you open the Layers side panel and tick the Map Data checkbox, you can see the underlying data in the database. Hopefully your new objects will appear, at least in this view. You can also use that arrow icon, Query Features, to examine objects to see if your tags etc. actually made it into the database.

If your changes don’t show up when inspecting this way, then it must be something about the editor or the way you’re using it. But I’m guessing, the data is there, and just needs time to render. Good luck. :slight_smile:

For info, seems to be a cross-post and has a bit more info (such as changeset details).

Thanks- Yes I was confused yesterday by the delay for moderator approval here and posted twice. The thread you linked is probably the best history of the problem we are having so I thing it best for me to stay with that one only rather that trying to maintain this one also. Thanks!