iD editor on a Chromebook

Anybody have much success using the iD editor on a Chromebook? There seem to be a ton of problems.

What problems?

A ton. Try it for a while.

Hmmm, it seems Vespucci works much better on a Chromebook. I get it: a Chromebook is more like a cellphone than like a desktop computer, where iD shines.

I’m a regular user of iD on a Chromebook, and I’m not aware of any problems. It’s somewhat sluggish, but no more than anything else. It also tends to grow in memory usage with long editing sessions, which can be problematic on an underpowered machine.

If it’s just slow to navigate the map, you might turn off some of the features in the data panel. Or try Rapid, which has replaced the drawing code.

To keep the system from eating Alt+Click, go to Settings→Device→Touchpad.

I found Vespucci’s keyboard and mouse support to be a little awkward, but it runs well. If rendering speed is the most important issue to you then Vespucci might be your best choice.

JOSM is pretty good, but I had to backport libopenjfx-jni and openjfx from trixie (ARM systems only, #1021894). And change the look and feel from “GTK+” to “Metal”. And change “Zoom steps to get double scale” to about 5 to work with a touchpad. It’s also pretty slow to render lots of data, and window management is occasionally quirky, but it’s very workable.

Ich kann jetzt keine Unterschiede zwischen der Nutzung des ID editors auf dem Chromebook und eines Windows Rechners feststellen.

Den Hinweis Vespucci auf dem Chromebook zu probieren werde ich allerdings ausprobieren.