iD Editor not loading properly [Resolved]

Edited to report that the problem has been resolved. Version 2.6.0 of iD, which appeared on 2018-01-22 fixes the problem. The remainder of the post is left unchanged for archival purposes.

Edited to add workaround:

Today (2017-11-16) I tried to use the iD editor (as I have many times before).

Objects (ways, buildings, labels, etc.) display. The background layer displays. I can zoom and drag the map. The controls at the right (zoom, layers, map data, etc.) work. I can’t select anything to edit. The controls at the top (point, line, area) can’t be selected. The spinny thing in the top-right corner spins away merrily and never stops (I left it doing that for 30 minutes). I’ve tried control-F5 a few times.

Neither my browser nor my OS have been updated since last I used iD (yesterday). I have Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin both disabled for Other sites with complex JSON interactions (like youtube) function normally, so I don’t think it’s my end (famous last words).

At a guess, some piece of Javascript that gets pulled in to handle object editing is either broken or the loading is failing for some reason.

Is anybody else seeing this problem? If not then it must be at my end.

Addendum: iD just popped up an error message near the bottom “Unable to connect to API.”

So something, somewhere, is down. Could be whichever server hosts the API, could be network routeing between here and there. If it’s a routeing problem then some people may be having no problem with iD and others will get what I’m getting.

OK, I’ve now hooked up a different computer to my network. Newer version of the distro (7.3 instead of 6.8, although 6.8 is still in long term support). Same version of Firefox, but with no plugins/add-ons. Still getting the same problem. The editor doesn’t let me select objects to edit and the page-load spinner never stops spinning.

So either something is borked on some OSM server somewhere, or my ISP’s routeing between me and that server is borked. It would be nice to know which.

I know people have read my other posts (the forum shows this). It would be nice if somebody reading this would try using iD and then let me know if they’re seeing the same problem or not.

Hi Brian,
never had this issue before, but today I was also facing this problems using iD.
JOSM was working well at the same time.

Cause the loading icon in the upper left was still loading and loading while I can’t trace network traffic or any response, it seems like a connection issue.
5 minutes later after a restart of the browser everything was working well again.
Some more minutes later the same issue occured. A restart helped again.

Upper left? My spinny thing (that’s the technical name of it :slight_smile: ) is in the upper right.

I can trace, but it’s isolating it from everything else that’s going on that’s going to be a pain.

Hmmm, if I make my main computer a router/gateway, rearrange the network connections a little, and fire up the editor in the rarely-used number 2 computer, I can cut down the extraneous traffic to a minimum by filtering on the IP of the number 2 computer. Ought to work. It’s getting late here, so best left until tomorrow when I’m more alert and less likely to make stupid mistakes.

It seems, from the fact that most of iD is loading and working that some script it requires is loaded from a different server. Connection to the rest of the world is fine, so more likely a routeing issue. Which isn’t affecting many people or there would have been a lot complaints by now. Or it could be that the server for the non-loading bit is blocking or tarpitting some blocks of IPs based on DoS attacks coming from those blocks.

It’s been 3 days for me, now. Computer powered off overnight, twice. In the past, on somebody else’s computer, I’ve seen Javascript in gmail killing stylesheets on another site, so it could have been something else in a different browser window. Could have been, but wasn’t, because I fired up number 2 computer and used only the browser and used that only for openstreetmap and had the same problem. And then I got hold of a laptop with Windows 10 (ugh) and used Edge (double-ugh) and had the same problem. I think your restarts fixing things may have been coincidental.

What had me worried was the lack of responses I was getting. It’s so easy to check if iD is working. So I expected a lot of “I have the same problem” or “Works for me” or “You’re an idiot.” So thanks for responding, I was starting to question my sanity.

If it’s IP blocking or tarpitting on the relevant server, maybe the server admin will read this thread or the one I started over in the editors forum when I got no response here. If my ISP has screwed up routeing then I’m going to have a hard time persuading the monkeys on the helldesk to get somebody to fix it. :frowning:

Don’t think nobody wants to answer.
I didn’t answer before, cause I normally read my local sub-forum.
I didn’t have the issue before and most of the time I read this forum using my mobile phone, so I don’t have access to iD.

And yes you’re right, the spinny thing is on the right side :wink: