iD: can't apply changes, no save button (Firefox 56.0.2)

OSM iD Editor

Please help me to save changes (1.5 hours for mountain path drawing).
Can’t apply made changes. Changes description dialog doesn’t have save button:
(russian locale)

If I close browser window and reopen it again, iD suggest me to restore not applied changes (so this changes aren’t lost yet), but I again can’t see save button.

Firefox 56.0.2
I tried to disable adblock (Ublock Origin) - no effect
I tried to start Firefox in safe mode (without addons) - it even can’t open iD editor page.
I tried to enter iD Editor with another browser with same login name - it doesn’t see my changes.

Please help me to save the drawed work.

maybe ask at ?

This has been reported before - see and .

Bryan Housel: “I have a feeling that bd639f2 commit might be the fix for this. We’ll release a new version of iD in the next few days.”