iD: Can I refer to an object id?


I have been quite active for quite some time, but still using iD - basically because it is mostly easy to use.

The intended way to select an object for editing is by clicking it, which is OK in most of the cases. Is it also somehow possible to refer to an object by its id? E.g. I know that I want to edit the way with the id 600728544, so can I tell this to iD, or do I need an offline editor for that purpose?

Background: Just this way is a building which is totally “covered” by building:part objects, and when I click anywhere on the building outline, iD only offers me to edit the respective building:part. So do I have a chance to edit the building’s properties with iD?

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Hi, I’m not sure about what your needed workflow is, but if you want go to the way with id=600728544, the link is then click on edit and you can edit the properties.
Or, better, you can start using JOSM :slight_smile:

Yes, that is what I was looking for :slight_smile: I was not aware of that “edit” button being context-sensitive in that case. Thank you.

Hi, try to select a shared node of the way, and [Ctrl] [↑] shows all ways related, then select that what you wanted in the features showed.
Here some tutovideos and the explained solution. (the second video)

Type 600728544 in the search box and choose “way”
or directly type w600728544.

Turn off the layer “building parts” in the menu [press U].