iD broken

I have previously had some functional issues with iD
on my Mozilla browsers. About last February, something
changed to where I lost basic editing functionality on
SeaMonkey 2.14. I recovered most editing functionality
with newer SeaMonkey (2.35) versions, but way waypoints
were still not apparent and required fine pointing to
select. Today, there is evidently a new iD version
loaded and I again lost all editing functionality.

  1. The (pop-up) menu on the right does not hide itself any more.

  2. Maybe because of the above, I cannot select any
    points at all.

    Can I revert to use a previous iD version, as this
    may suffice for my requirements?


Have yousearched in the forum?
Maybe this is similar:

Actually, that problem applied to iD 2.5.1 (I know this, because I made that post). The update to 2.6.0 today fixed that reported problem for me (I just edited that post to report the issue is resolved before coming here).

Looks like 2.6.0 might have broken something for other people. :frowning: