Icon for accessible parking spaces renedering?

Are there plans to add an icon render for accessible parking spaces and if not, can we have one?

These are for areas, and nodes with tags:
amenity=parking_space + parking_space=disabled

I have been trying to find documentation to try to get it done on my own, but was unable to follow existing tutorials because it doesn’t seem beginner friendly to one who doesn’t know anything about the process, even for an experienced mapper like myself.

If you’re asking about “the map that you see by default at https://openstreetmap.org” then https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/issues is the place to ask (and I’d be really surprised if there wasn’t already an issue for it already).

Separately to that, I’d actually be really suprised if there wasn’t already an OSM-based map somewhere that showed these in some highlighted form.