Icao tag at non aerodrome features?

I found that worldwide there are many icao tags that are not attached to aerodromes or helipads (map).

Are these all potentially false or can you think of cases where this is legitimate?

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Looks like some (many?) might be duplicates, rather than false. For example:

ICAO has been added to the runway: Way: ‪5/23‬ (‪436905072‬) | OpenStreetMap
But is also (correctly) tagged on the airport itself: Way: ‪Wayne Executive Jetport‬ (‪436905071‬) | OpenStreetMap

I don’t think this the correct way to tag, but I wouldn’t describe them as false. Might be easier to remove any aerodrome=* tagging examples?

Also, there’s the historic = aerodrome tag which has not been excluded from your filter (example). Although I do wonder if disused/historic/closed sites actually keep their ICAO codes? If not, they should probably be removed or prefixed somehow.

Had a quick look and there are abandoned:aerodromes in the list. For example Berlin Tempelhof aka EDDI

I had a similar issue with the former Military Airbase icao ETUO which is disused. So i set the icao to disused:icao (and disused:iata). Not in your list but just because i set the icao to disused aswell.

So - you might find a lot abandoned/disused/razed airfields in there.

I have no clue whether ICAO codes are beeing recycled - if so it might make a lot of sense to really remove them. If ICAO codes are not recycled we should keep them but probably retag them to old_icao, disused:icao or the like.


I don’t know wether ICAO codes are recycled or not but I do like the idea of moving them to disused:icao in case of disued/abandoned/razed airfields.

ICAO codes do get recycled.

An example is LSZM which used to be one of the two (!) ICAO codes for EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg and is since february 25th 2021 used for Mollis Airfield.