IBGE map translation into English

I’m sorry for writing in English, but I don’t speek Portuguese.

I’m one of the guys that translate JOSM into German, and that includes the maps that you can select as background. Unfortunately some of the map names are in Portuguese and I don’t understand the name and thus cannot translate it. Would someone here be so kind to translate the names below into English so it can be translated into all the languages JOSM supports based on that translation? Either here in the forum or directly on the JOSM Maps page https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Maps/Brazil

Aglomerado Rural Isolado
Pista de Pouso
Rios Drenagem
Trecho Rodoviario
Terra Indigena
Terra Publico (Militar)
Unidade de Uso Sistentável - APA
Estações Geradora de Energia Elétrica


See below, should be in the same order

Isolated Rural Location
Landing strip
River drains
Highways stretches
Indigenous Lands
Public Land (Military)
Units of Sustainable Use - APA
Stations for Electrical Generation

Thank you very much for the translations.

Just out of curiosity: What are those Aglomerado Rural Isolado / Isolated Rural Location? I found this page https://www.ibge.gov.br/home/geociencias/cartografia/manual_nocoes/elementos_representacao.html with a description. Google Translate produces “Locality that has the defining characteristics of Rural Agglomerate and is located at a distance equal to or greater than 1 km from the urban area of a Town, Village or a Rural Agglomerate already defined as urban extension.” Is that a small village that doesn’t qualify to be an urban area? It that something specific to Brazil? That distinction doesn’t exist in Germany.

Without being able to actually confirm, but I think it can correspond with the place=hamlet tag. My understanding is that it is a isolated or remote settlement smaller than a village, or with no or insignificant urbanisation.