I would just like to ask the greater Australian community about this edit

all information is included in my diary post slice0's Diary | the DWG rules placed on my edits have already ruined the map | OpenStreetMap

I don’t map in Australia.
I haven’t dug into the factual aspects of the case.

But I agree with gileri that SomeoneElse could try more to communicate in a respectful way in this particular case. slice0 is presenting their arguments in a civil manner and discussing content. Whether they are factually wrong or not, they deserve to be communicated to in an equally human way.

I also agree that SomeoneElse is a very valuable member of the project. However, this doesn’t justify belittling others (even if they’re wrong). You both seem to be having good intentions. Just remember to be kind to each other.

(I am only talking about the tone in slice0’s diary entry. I haven’t read anything else about the case, but I understand, there is quite some history behind)