I wish to make contact with the GB community

I work for Translink the Public Transport Company in Northern Ireland. We are looking to use Open Street Map on our Journey Planner and I would like to make contact with the GB community. We want to be editors and we are looking information on how we go about doing that. Hoping that someone will contact me to assist us with this request. Thank you

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Welcome! I think the best way to do that is to email the Talk GB mailing list: talk-gb@openstreetmap.org

To subscribe to the mailing list or see the archives: Talk-GB Info Page


In addition to the suggestions from @osmuser63783 .

Broadly speaking edits by organisations should be in line with the organised edit guidelines.

There are also local chapters for the United Kingdom and Ireland. I think both take an interest in Northern Ireland, but it is not compulsory to go through either.


Firstly, welcome!

Secondly, for reasons of geography and history talk-gb mostly covers GB (the island) and talk-ie mostly covers the island of Ireland, so I’d suggest that talk-ie might be the better mailing list to use to get in touch with the local community. I think the Irish community is mostly active on Telegram, and I’ve mentioned this post there too.

However, the answer to “how can I use OSM data” is basically the same whether you’re in Belfast or Bangladesh, so hopefully I can provide some relevant info (despite me not being from NI). The Welcome Mat is designed as a “what do I need to know about OSM” for oganisations.

There are already plenty of organisations not unlike yours using OSM as a “background map” on which to display planned journeys, and there are also those who are looking to align their master data (of routes etc.) with OSM. Actual service data (what bus/train runs when) tends not to be in OSM.

Would it be possible to expand a bit more on “We are looking to use Open Street Map on our Journey Planner” so that people can understand what you’re trying to do?

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Hi Avril.

Welcome to OpenStreetMap! As others have mentioned OSM in Ireland is mostly organised on an all island basis. The current board of OpenStreetMap Ireland has members on both sides of the border.

The mailing lists are a good way to get in touch with the local community, especially talk.ie as Andy mentioned. An Alternative is to use Telegram. The OpenStreetMap Ireland group has over 70 members and can be accessed here: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Between the mailing list and Telegram group there will almost certainly be someone who can answer any queries you may have.

Richard Cantwell
Board Member, OpenStreetMap Ireland


For direct contact with the OSM-UK organisation: board@osmuk.org. General questions can be asked on talk-gb.

I suspect this is an area where the knowledge and experience of OSM-UK may be more relevant than OSM-IE. This is because a number of regional journey planners under the Traveline brand have used OpenStreetMap for many years: mainly to provide detailed maps and multi-modal routing alongside journeys by public transport.

For detailed additional information to improve multi-modal routing (footpaths, cycle routes etc) then OSM-IE are the right place to get answers.

Additionally, Entur, in Norway, and I believe, a number of other Fennoscandian transport entities also use OSM in conjunction with NetEx formatted public transport data with OpenTripPlanner 2.x. So it may be possible to obtain advice from some of these organisations too.