I vote to delete page "Complete mapping"

I would vote to change the template of page http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Complete_mapping from “Proposed for deletion” to “labelled for deletion”. Wiping out the content does no harm, it’s only a list of four links without explanation what the list should be for.

Any other opinions?

Is that the right procedure: Changing the template to “labelled for deletion”? What’s the next step afterwards to really get the page deleted?


The right procedure:

  1. If you are certain that a page can be deleted, replace its entire content with the “delete” template. Also check whether there are any links to the page that need to be changed.

  2. If you aren’t certain, add the “delete_proposal” template at the top of the page (unlike “delete”, you do not replace the content yet) and wait whether someone objects. If nobody does after a while → see 1.

In this case, it seems pretty clear that the page can be deleted - especially considering that no one has complained during the last few months -, so I suggest that you apply the “delete” template now. After that your job is done and we need to wait for an admin to actually perform the deletion.