I should classify this street in what way?

the street in the middle.



but isn’t highway=service suppose to lead to only one property?

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No. Where did you read that? Have a look at Tag:service=alley - OpenStreetMap Wiki.


You probably mean highway=service + service=driveway.


this also can lead to more than one property

Think we all had our fill of service=driveway2 to by now not have missed to know the first line of the driveway wiki

" A driveway is a minor service road leading to a specific property."

Reads to me as singular.

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Note " but see Pipestems below"


A pipestem or shared driveway leads away from a main road toward several houses, each with their own shorter driveways. Pipestems are common in rural areas and planned suburban residential developments in the United States. Maintenance of the pipestem is typically the joint responsibility of all the homeowners of that particular pipestem. Pipestems may be named, but historically they have typically been unnamed. As of 2019, most pipestems are simply tagged highway=service with no service=* tag. However, some mappers tag pipestems explicitly, either using service=driveway driveway=pipestem or service=pipestem.

This can also appear in form of driveway shared by two houses and so on.


Added an NB to the introductory section of the driveway. Missed that bit of but but but, Sort of truly putting the lid on driveway2

I’m sorry, but I think you’re misinterpreting this.
It would make sense for ‘service=*’ to be a subtag of highway=service.
If so, the service=* tag should first inherit the properties of the highway=service tag.
I don’t think that just because it’s a narrow street that runs between buildings, it can be considered a service=alley.
To be a service=alley, it must first fulfill the highway=service attribute, but I think that street is more like a highway=residential or highway=living_street than a highway=service.
Even the service=alley tag entry on the OSM wiki gives an example of an image where the wall is very close to a building wall.

Since the screenshot is very small you might be right.