I see my edits in the OSM page, but not OpenMaps on my phone

I make updates on the web page so that I can use them on my iPhone using OpenMaps (Pro). I have noticed that the updates appear on the web-based map but not the phone app. Why might this be? If the problem is OpenMaps, is there a better iPhone client I should try?

In general the various phone apps are made by separate projects or companies and each has their own schedule for pulling updates from the OpenStreetMap project’s database.

On my iPhone I have been using OsmAnd (good for hiking, too messy and hard to use for car navigation), Organic Maps, and Magic Earth (not open source as far as I know but the best for finding US style addresses in the OSM data). Each of those has a different update interval but they are generally about once a month. So from the time I make an edit to the time I see it on my phone is usually between 2 and 4 weeks.

I am not familiar with OpenMaps but I suspect it would be similar.

Ahhh, I thought the data was live and just being scraped. I’ll see about some of these others you noted.