I noticed a couple of posts in wiki about "fix up tiger"

I am willing to help with what ever clean up of nodes etc…

Do I just randomly click on every major highway to check if it is in one piece?
Or is there a “to be done” list somewhere?

just point me in the right direction.


Oh, speaking of cleanup…

I noticed that a few POI have shown up on my town map… I don’t believe I made them and when I click on them there is no info… no tag or ref…
Just a green dot for no apparent reason.
Should I leave them or clean them out?

Edit: OK, i found the map with the 6000+ markers of fixes that need to be done.
I did one and would like someone to take a quick look if i did it right.
changeset id: 2633905
I think I did it right because if you click on that highway, it now shows as one continuous “editable” instead of 3 seperate ones.

Also… on the map where I did the change… next to the highway (to the east) there is a whole string of POI green dots… lots of them!..
what is that about?

P.S. I tried to edit original post… but the edits don’t take.

Yes, the ways are now connected, so the doubled nodes have been corrected.

Be careful about combining 2 sequential roads with different names, which will be more common when editing other road data. It’s better to somehow find point where the 2 ways connect to 2 points that are on top of each other, then just combine the 2 nodes instead. I’m not sure how to do that in Potlatch.

Many of these cases are where 2 county lines meet - all kinds of strange conditions came from Tiger data, including roads with overlapping sections of ways.