I made 3 changes 10 days ago. The aren't being displayed. Be More Patient or Problem?

The closed changesets are Changeset: 152131502 and 152131614. They are fixes for a particular problem with the change of name and ownership of a restaurant. Three years ago the restaurant was named ‘Skärgårdens Café’ This is the name that still shows up if you open the Open Street Map app or use the browser version of the map. Two years ago the restaurant changed ownership and became Popsicle. Somebody at that time tried to add this to the map, not by editing the Skärgardens Café entry but by making a new entry in the same building. This appears to never have worked properly. Last year the restaurant changed ownership again, and I have tried to fix things by deleting the Popsicle entry and changing the Särgardens entry to say Ternan (the new name) and the new hours, etc.

That was 10 days ago. The old version is still what you see if you bring up a map of the island of Vrångö in Sweden. Do I just need to be patient, or have I made an error? This was my very first time editing OSM, so an error is very likely, but I cannot find it. Also – we will change our opening hours for high summer (when we open 7 days a week). But if it takes days, weeks for updates to go through, then we will need to get rid of the hours section and just say ‘read it on the website’. Is this normal?

Examining history of the building shows that you only removed name of the restaurant, but not amenity=restaurant and other tags (opening_hours, wheelchair) that should have gone along. And that unnamed “restaurant” is what shows up in the map.

Simultaneously, you edited a node on top of it named “Restaurang Ternan”.

OSM data model is somewhat confusing in that you can “merge” feature tags with building tags, or leave them separate (restaurant modeled as a point over building). However, here you left two “restaurants” one over another, and the default renderer chose to display the unnamed (building) one.

I would fix it by merging the point with the building (in iD, select them both using Shift and press “C” for Combine ). I would also specify name=Ternan since “Restaurang” is implied by amenity=restaurant. But I’ll leave the exercise to tne reader :slight_smile:

Your changes are in the data. Now it depends on the consuming software to pick them up which can be between a few seconds up to months depending the update cycles of the software.
Speaking about the standard map (OSM-Carto) it should be only a few seconds but you need to bypass the cache using Ctrl+F5.

Regarding your changes, Way History: ‪Restaurang Ternan‬ (‪297520589‬) | OpenStreetMap is the building and is simultaneously used for the restaurant and Node History: 910347966 | OpenStreetMap was used for the ice_cream amenity but was changed into a restaurant. If there is no difference between the restaurant and the ice_cream amenity, like different opening_hours, you should only use one of the objects (either the node or the closed way) for the restaurant with cuisine=seafood;ice_cream

Regarding different opening hours per month or season. This is already possible to map in one go without changing it. Take a look at Key:opening_hours - OpenStreetMap Wiki and opening_hours evaluation tool. Feel free to create a new topic telling us the full opening hours in words to help you find the correct syntax if you do not get it right by yourself.