I have OSMI Routing Issues

Before I tell my wife and we decide how to move forward as a family, I thought I might ask to see how I could rectify these issues.

Here is a link, hopefully you can see it without being logged in as me:

Are these real issues, and how do I fix them?

Thanks for helping me “tune” my OSM editing. I’d like to increase my quality and quantity.

From a quick look at a few random ways from that list, it looks like the main issue may be the use of “highway=unclassified” on roads that should be lower in the hierarchy.

For example, Way: 1227462153 | OpenStreetMap appears to be reachable only via a private service road. If the service road is itself correctly tagged, the unclassified bit can’t be a public road, so should have some other tag.

As the wiki notes, “the value unclassified is indeed a classification”: