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I am a firefighter and in my barracks we tried to map all the fire hydrants in our district on the map, but after some day I cannot see the changes on the map, only if I enter in edit mode. Does it appear that fire hydrants are not a marked point of interest?

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Yes, they do not get rendered on the Mapnik/Carto (openstreetmap.org) and other maps by default.

Kindly see the OpenFireMap


Edit: seems that only Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH) are covered by this
Edit: openfiremap.org redirects to openfiremap.de


You might also want to visit OsmHydrant. It appears to be designed for specifically adding and tracking thier locations. There is even a coverage map.


There is also a MapComplete view that allows the viewing and editing of hydrants.

OsmAnd also renders them and has a filter to highlight emergency POIs.


@Kryspirit I’m curious if there is a place to read about your work, I’m quite interested in how you and your colleges organized and decided to map this on OSM.

In my local city the town hall has mapped all the hydrants but only for internal use, and we want to ask them to share that and put them over OSM for anyone to use.


@Kryspirit which software are you guys planning to use/ do you use?

In osmand for example, you could specifically search for it, and they’d all appear on the map. If you need/want something that’s baked into the map, one could consider to extend the default (or any other map style) to highlight the hydrants, as well with a tag for diameter or whatever is needed as this could be used by all fire fighters.

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fwiw it could look something like this

on osmand even if you select hydrant point it does not display on map
My focus is to view the hydrant on smarthphone

i’m planning to use smartphone to search hydrant during emergency, but at the moment i can see the hydrant, that i added from openstreetmap-edit mode, only from osmhydrant.org that sometimes is so slow to display hydrant point

in osmand even if you select hydrant point it does not display, i don’t know why

at the moment i see that in some city near my city the hydrant it’s showed but the hydrant that was add by me no. some ideas about the reason?

For me they display at high zoom and also if I search for hydrant, select the emergency infrastructure topic and choose show on map.

In OsmAnd? Map updates only happen once a month and even then it is manual to update them. You can subscribe to get more frequent updates.