Hwy 211 routing not working


unfortunately the routing on HWY 211 east of Sangkhom, changwat Loei is not working.

I am currently on the road and have no PC.

Maybe someone can check and fix.

Greets Andy

Checked and confirmed with
has a “oneway=yes” tag.
I’ll repair that.

I added a changeset comment:
I think it was likely some typo or something like that.

Thx for checking.
Yes, this is not a one way street.
I cannot follow your argumentation, whether I set oneway to yes.
If it was so, it must have been a typo.
btw: getting still a wrong result with routing, but the oneway flag is not set for that road

It will take a couple of days till the routing engine is updated with the new data, stay patient.
Some mistakes just happen, also I broke routing on a major highway (#4) some time ago.
Stay mapping in that great area near the Mekong (been there 15 months ago)!

I try to find a way to check what I have edited, when I check my Edits, I found that one for the road:
There are mentioned under Tags highway=primary, lanes=2 and ref=211.
Are these the values that I have edited?

Scroll down till you see a “View History” link, then click on it.
You’ll see that the current version is “Version #3”. Yours is “Version #2”, which you can find by scrolling down. There you’ll find the “oneway=yes” tag. Then continue scrolling down to version #1 - that does not have a oneway tag at all.
Also note that when a “way” is split into 2 parts, its history is inherited by one of the parts (typically the larger one) only. Which means that the tags in version 1 may not at all have been added by the creator of the way either.
Investigating the history can be hard, and sometimes almost impossible.