Hwy 1 broken

I noticed that on my Lambertus/Garmin download of 7 May, Hwy 1 south of the Hwy 120 intersection (near Phayao), had become broken, some sections duplicated, and one carriageway had been deleted in many places.

I see Woodpeck needed to do a lot of reverts in this area, and as such may not have quite got it right … Im not blaming him in any way (but I would like to see OSM write a strong letter to the Facebook arseholes that messed our data up).
His reverts were dated 20th May so assume all have been completed now, but Im sure we are going to see lots more discrepancies in other areas over the next few months.

I have rebuilt the road as best I can from GPS & Mapbox info, but if any lane info or Relationships got lost/changed in the process you will understand why.