Hungary map errors

Hi everyone, I downloaded Hungary.osm.bz2 file, uzipped it and after meticulous analysis, I found a few errors in it. For example, relation with id=301805 includes (among others) also way with id=174003768, but way with this id is not specified in the file and this relation cannot be painted properly, if only the Hungary map is used, which is very unfortunate. Is there any way to overcome this? Can we expect these bugs to be fixed?

Additional info: relation 301805 defines a part of Danube river, when it crosses from Hungary to Serbia. I suspect that nodes, which are located in Serbia (and ways consisting of those nodes), don’t get included in Hungary map, although I feel they should, since they are referenced by one or more relations.

I would suggest that you mention this problem to whoever it was that you downloaded Hungary.osm.bz2 from.