(changeset 93873860)

Hello Everybody,
I just wanted to add a missing, paved way on the annual fair site “Volksfestplatz Weiden”. All these ways are used by the visitors, when a fair takes place. Normally everybody and every type of vehicle is free to go. The rest of the site is gravel. The way I added just connects to the crossing of Konrad-Röntgen-Straße and Max-Planck-Straße. Also if I try to map it as a seperate way, just connected (selecting the crossing node and the way I added and pressing “p” in JOSM) then setting it to
I get warnings: “Nodes duplicate parent way tags” and “Wrong highway type on node”
And yes, I know - I would only need two nodes for that way, but before editing it ten times I wanted to make it correct at once. :wink:

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


You accidentally tagged three nodes with the same tags as the road:

Just remove these tags from these nodes :slight_smile: