to license us their POI data for maced

Hi, do you want to help with this?

I have an agreement with the nice people from to license us their POI data for macedonia.

I have created an xslt script to transform the marker data to osm format,
it is just the start , needs someone to look at all the data and compare it to the existing map.

Anyone interested?

Here is the data so far, the tags will have to be reworked…

There are three files:
my output so far (not perfect, but loads)
the source data from
the xslt

Process like :
xsltproc transform.xlst macedonianpois.xml > macedonianpois.osm

I have checked the files into :


Hello Mike

Thanks for bringing this up in the forum. I hope that there will be some Macedonian users looking into this more closely.

I have quickly looked at your .osm file with JOSM. From what I can see, the file contains coordinates and info about 331 points of interest in Macedonia, of 190 are sights, 55 hotels, 27 diplomatic representations. 2 restaurants and 57 “others” (such as border crossings, train and bus stations and paytolls). When I checked the POIs in the neighborhood of Krushevo, I noted that the coordinates are not very precise, the churches e.g. are up to 100m off their real location. Another point which I do not like in the data is that all the web addresses go to a correponding entry at, even when the corresponding POI has its own website.

Personally, I don’t think that this data should be intergrated into OSM in some systematic/automatic manner, since the choice is too arbitrary and contains too much overlap with data already in OSM. However, loading the .osm file as separate layer into JOSM and then copy over individual POIs after having made sure that they are pertinent, correct and not coded yet, this might be quite useful.

Last but not least, you say “I have an agreement with the nice people from to license us their POI data for macedonia”. I think that you also have to tell us under what exact licence this data was released, resp. if there are any “strings attached” to it?

Поздрав, Heinz