Http StatusCode 504

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Our company provides weather information to a couple of hundred customers. We have been using static OSM basemaps as backgrounds for our layers for years. Lately we’ve received quite a lot of reports of tiles of the basemap not loading correctly more often.

Upon investigation we found that the browser’s console shows HTTP Statuscode 504 Gateway Timeout. No major architecture changes have happened at our end. Then when I tried the official OSM site one time, the same error occured; 4 tiles (of 20~) were not loaded and the same console error was shown. I was wondering if anyone else experiences these symptoms as well from time to time.

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Please read very carefully.


If it’s weather data you’re showing, then I’d be tempted to extract a minimal set of OSM data you need (coastlines, countries, major cities, perhaps major roads) and render a set of tiles yourself based on that. That way you’re not dependant on a third party with which you have no SLA. The other option is to talk to one of the many OSM-based data providers; I’m guessing some of them will have an appropriate layer (and at your usage it might be free).

Based on your description of the issue, it sounds like you actually aren’t using static backgrounds, but are rather actively connecting to and using the tiles from (for which the linked tile usage policy applies). If your application is supposed to be using static images instead, then you’ll need to look at your code and figure out why it’s actually going out to the internet and grabbing tiles from

Thank you all for your replies and insight.

Regards, Dave