Howto: GPX to Way (in Merkaartor)

I have used Merkaartor to edit a 120km 4WD track in Western Australia that I had previously stored in two GPX files. Now I simply want to import this into OSM as a new Way, how do I do that? All I could find is to manually redraw the track using the Add Way button and this I am definitively not going to do.

How do I bring my contribution into OSM?

There isn’t a way that I am aware of - I have tried.

JOSM does what you ask in a couple of clicks, but be careful, you could end up with a stupid number of nodes if it is a 1s log. You’ probably be better of tracing by hand and for that I reckon Merkaartor is the choice.

Also, before someone suggests it… The JOSM simplify way tool is rubbish if you want to preserve a decent amount of detail.


One more possibility is the youse of routeconverter. It is a Java app for webstart or start it like a java app from your desktop. English version is available too.

with routeconverter, you can verify the quality of your recorded track towards google (satelite) maps or even OSM maps.

Further you can split the track in smaller pieces and save them to single gpx files to use in JOSM or Merkaartor.

Before saving, try the feature of reducing the amount of gps-points, it works like “simplify way” in JOSM.

Please tell us whether this is a solution for you …