howdy from san gabriel!


hello everyone. started mapping out the strange city of surabaya indonesia over the past month. on vacation visiting the wifes family.

currently calling san gabriel california my home.
i thought san gabriel was covered as far as mapping was concerned but after close observation i noticed the TIGER data severely messy in my area. im going to be spending most my time fixing that up.

also, im looking into a gps unit. but i dont want to spend $5oo+ on a mapping hobby. so any one know of a cheap relatively reliable unit i can use on my adventures around the globe?

Well for 200 dollars you got a top of the range Garmin, which is able to display OSM maps on the display. But for 80 $ you can get a GPS datalogger which will do the job of tracing just as fine. See also

For around $50 you can get a GPS mouse.
I have been using it for a couple of years with my laptop and you can get it from ebay , search for GPS mouse and you will find a lot of them in that range.You can get the USB or bluetooth based.
There is a deal at Fry’s also for $50. Check it out on