How to?

Pontian stree map totoally wrong names. The main road whereby its named Jalan Pontian is not so, with it being named as Jalan Alsagoff and Jalan Kukup. How do I contribute and change this?

Hi Ariya, refer below link for more info

Welcome ariya to the few, the proud, the osm mappers of malaysia… hehe:D

Also take a look at our wiki malaysia page for road designation etc… plus the few discussions we have on this forum.

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Lucky enough the Kaart team provided panoramic street level photos through Mapillary (from late January 2020). I managed to dig up street signs for Jalan Alsagoff and Jalan Bakek, and made changes. However, one question remained though: is the stretch from Sungai Pontian Kechil bridge to Jalan Osman junction Jalan Bakek or indeed Jalan Alsagoff? Hopefully this mystery will be unravelled soon™.

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