How to use two GPS-based applications?

I wish to use my navigator which is TomTom and some other tool to trace route and export it to GPX. That will let me drive to destination and create gpx at same time.

I use Loox N560 with WM6 (not default WM5).

When I start TomTom (COM8) and then OSMtracker (COM8) I get “Error opening com port”.
If I start OSMtracker first and then TomTom I get “No GPS device” in TomTom.

So I tried “Port Splitter V1.20” and splitting COM8 to COM0 and COM7.

When I start TomTom (COM7) it is fine, it finds GPS signal.
But when I start OSMtracker (COM0) with TomTom closed it doesn’t find signal. If I start TomTom (COM7) then (with OSMtracker still running) then TomTom shows “No GPS device”.

COM ports are generably not shared between applications, so when one application has opened a COM port then any other application will somehow report that it can’t open that same port. This is how those things works.

Your attempt to split the COM port is a logic result of this and it should be able to get this construction to work. I don’t own a TomTom but I would suggest to create two virtual COM ports which should not already exist on the system e.g. 9 and 10 (if 8 is the highest COM port number)…

I am a bit confused about com0… During my programming under DOS, serial ports had number 1 through 9, nothing else, on my WM 2003 SE applications none can use anything but 1 through 9 as it was under DOS. Maybe the “0” is the problem, have you tried to split the port to other numbers?

Another possibility is that one of the application sets the receiver or the com port to different bitrates or special modi beyond standard NMEA, TomTom uses specialized commands if it knows the chipset of the receiver.

Regards, Florian.

Try to get a debug dump from OSMtracker, is there any chatter on the serial line? You should also beable to open up a terminal and connect to the serial and get NMEA…

Yeah, I’ve never seen any application using COM port 0 in my life. Also MSDN does not mention one either.