How to use GPS traces to create a personal travel map?

For the past two years, I have been recording my road trips on my iPhone using the Galileo Offline Maps app. I’d like to export the GPS tracks I’ve recorded from the app into a mapping platform that I can view on my laptop. I am able to convert the tracks into KML and GPX files, but I am looking for a mappying platform that will allow me to put all my files into a single map.

Is this possible to do with OpenStreetMap? If not, are there any other programs that would be suitable for my purposes? Google My Maps has a 5MB upload limit and a limit of 10 total uploads, which is much too small-scale to create my map. Google Earth seems to have no way of combining multiple uploads into a single map.


  • Luke

OpenStreetMap itself is the geographic data. There are lots of consumers, applications and providers around it.

Maybe an open project like could help you.

Try Basecamp:

Or try some tools listed at