How to use Gosmore for a .osm map file on Windows?


I have read the page

Under “Downloading and running - Windows” it says:
Run the installer from the same site as above.
Run Gosmore and find the city you are interested in. Select ‘O’ and then ‘Update Map’. After downloading and unzipping is complete, restart the application.
Alternatively, download a prebuilt rectangle or extract or build one yourself using Linux, as rebuilding under Windows is not supported[1].
Or you can use the rebuild command as described above. You can even drag and drop extracts onto gosmore.exe.
No registry settings are used. So you can have multiple installations of the software.
Alternatively compile the Windows binary

Under “Linux/FreeDBS” it says:
Building your own PAK file
Alternatively, build your own pak file (See the Gosmore/RebuildGuide). Then the “make install” step is not required:
bzcat …osm.bz2 | ./gosmore rebuild

I had a xyz.osm.bz2 file but since I don’t know what to do with it in the Gosmore command line, I have expanded it by 7zip, into a file xyz.osm

Under “Tips and Tricks” that same page says:
If you have an already extracted OSM file, e.g. as output by the script, you can feed it into gosmore as well:
cat MyArea.osm | ./gosmore rebuild

So now I try, in the Gosmore command line, the line on top of its main windows:
cat “My Directory\etc\xyz.osm” | ./gosmore rebuild (with the “” since my path contains spaces)
And I press Return.

Gosmore does nothing, and in its window, there is no “OK” button or such.

So I press 0 (or O) button, - button, + button, Gosmore does nothing.

On top of its main window, there is also a Gosmore DOS window.

So I think I should probably put the command line into that DOS window. But that Gosmore DOS window does not accept ANY input.

Sometimes I see lots of commands in the Gosmore main window (FollowGPSr, AddWayOrNode, StartRoute…) but I don’t see “Help” or any hint where and how to enter the above command line in order for Gosmore to build the file in its proprietary format, from the .osm format.