How to upload POI?

Hello! I am a new user from Guatemala. I do have over 2000 POI of my country and I need to know how to upload them to OSM. Can anyone tell me how to do it? Thanks a lot!

Can you tell us in what kind of format your data is? like name of an object and coordinates in lat/lon? Maybe you can give us an example?

One good format for importing can be a GPX file or so called shapefiles.

And one more question: what is the exact origin of your collected data? that means: have you collected all names and coordinates on your own with a gps device? or ist that all data that you have received by a company or organisation and you are explicit allowed to use them in OSM?

Hello Stephan75!

I own them because I have a GPS company, (they are kilometer points for the most important roads in my country, we have ploted most of them). I have a KML file that I converted from my SHP files. I will like to share it for free to all the comunity, (giving a litle back from what I am receiving from OSM Project; it is posible… isn´t it???).

Waiting for your help.

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Ogr2osm looks like something that can convert shapefiles to .osm format which can then be opened with JOSM and uploaded. See

Furtheron you can have a look at and all following pages there to get information whether your data can be imported as a classic import at once, or manually via on of the available editors.

When there are more concrete questions or problems, we can support you.

Maybe some experts who are more familiar with import issues are more present in the OSM mailing lists …