How to upload data other than v 0.6 API

Hi guys,

We have some very high quality aerial imageries and very well Geo-referenced. we have created maps of some areas using our own software and these imageries. we have many vehicles with gps loggers and have verified our accuracy which is better than google. We are just thinking to share our street data with osm so that community could get benefited. my question is how we can upload data other than api v 0.6 as this is really slow process. Is there any other way to upload data. we have very good data in mysql db so we can export in any format/way.

second we have seen some roads not correctly mapped on osm. how we can edit them. do we have to delete road and upload better data for same road. can’t be done in potlach or josm as it takes a lot of time.

I would appreciate suggestions/clarifications.


One starting point to get hints for you can be at the OSM wiki at … read that page and all its sub pages.

Then you should find contact to the mentioned

And you can also ask at one of the more frequented mailing lists about general discussion or development … see