how to update openstreetmap (OSM) with adroid app

I am looking for how easily one can contribute to openstreetmap. So I was searching for an app on android that can take my GPS track or while I travel it should update the openstreetmap. I checked OsmAnd and OSMTracker and many more but could not find this functionality. But I feel there must be some simple app through which I can contribute to openstreetmap.

Have you looked at Vespucci OSM Editor. Available at this link :-


Thanks I’ll check this.

You can in fact do that with Osmand. You might want to read the Osmand wiki, or check my Osmand beginners blogpost,

also see

@joostschouppe your blog is quit helpful for understanding OSMand. Its very nicely written, can be helpfile for OSMand.

Thanks @stephan75 I’ll explore android wiki page of OSM.