How to undo/correct a change

Really depends on what you’re trying to do, so a few more details, like a changeset number, would be handy! :grinning:

Hi, If you mean the fences that were dragged off alignment here:- Changeset: 144631106 | OpenStreetMap

I’ve fixed that for you.

Thanks to both, but not resolved. I’m regretting my amateur efforts. The two changes were #144731340 and #144731209 I was trying to show two small paths linking the road ends into the open areas to the east through two gaps in the green “hedge” as that linear area next to the stream is commonly walked. Unfortunately I did not realise that I’ve somehow linked the path to the hedge and a path is shown running the length of the hedge which obviously needs to be corrected . Help appreciated please.

Many thanks for that improvement. If you could additionally - dare I ask - extend the path. If you look on Google earth you can see that it extends north east to join the path near the end pylon. It carries on the whole length of the stream with an exit to the last cul de sac of Farriers Green and out to the edge of the A 3259. I hesitate to do it myself after the last catastrophe!

quote=“Simba3, post:5, topic:106675”]
f you look on Google earth

No, we can’t!!! :scream:

Sorry, but you mustn’t copy information from any copyrighted source without explicit prior permission! In particular, Google anything is totally prohibited from being used due to to their licence conditions, & using that as a source for mapping, exposes OSM to legal action. :sob:

Thankyou to those who have helpfully replied. Any edits I now do are as a result of walking the area.