How to translate OsmAnd "POI Type" to OSM wiki tags

In general, how can I find a mapping between the POI Types (Categories) in OsmAnd and the OSM tags that it’s actually translating-to in the OSM dataset?

I’m trying to buy a zipper. On OsmAnd, the closest thing to “a store that sells zippers” that I can find in the “Categories” section of POIs is “Drapery Store”. But I’m not sure if a store that sells curtains is going to sell zippers.

If I check the OSM wiki, then I see that there’s a sewing shop that could be tagged in a number of ways:

  1. shop=sewing
  2. shop=fabric
  3. shop=wool
  4. shop=craft
  5. shop=haberdashery
  6. craft=sewing

I’m not sure if searching for a “Drapery store” in OsmAnd will return all of the above or not. How can I know?

But I’m not asking specifically about my query with the drapery store and the finite list of tags enumerated above. I’m asking a more general question:

How can I translate the “POI Type” (or “Categories”) in OsmAnd to their respective, actual tags in the OSM dataset?

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If you’ve enabled the “OpenStreetMap editing” plugin then you can attempt to create a new POI then you can see what tags are used by OsmAnd for a given POI Type (Category).

  1. First, choose some point on the map and then click “Create POI”

  2. Next, enter something that you’d like to “translate” to tags in the “POI Type” field (eg “Drapery store”)

  3. Finally, click the “Advanced” tab.

If, for example, you had entered “Drapery store” into the “POI Type” field, then you should see one name=value tag set


Therefore, it appears that Drapery store in OsmAnd translates to shop=fabric tags in the OSM dataset.

I have no idea how to do this without the OpenStreetMap editing plugin.