How to tag welfare centres?


I want to put some welfare centres into the map. Drawing the location is quite easy, but how should they be tagged. What is the tag key and what is used as the related value. I have already tried to search through the forum but as I’m not well enough in english I only know the naming “welfare centre” from a translation tool and by this I’m maybe not creative enough in the search.

I hope that somebody has the right hint for me.

With best regards

Hi, I think the amenity=charity is the closest:

I’m not sure what you mean by welfare centre, can you explain what it is or what it does?

Anyway, it would probably be covered by part of this proposal for social facility, though I’m not sure what type would fit best:

And I think that proposal for amenity=charity is very vague and confusing, probably best to avoid using it. See some of the comments on the talk page.

I try to explain, but please excuse my bad English and in addtion if something is written which sounds confusing, please ask.

A welfare centre in the understanding I have in mind is related to an instituion of the (German) health care network. The location(s) I want to tag are operated by publicly-owned institutions (Red Cross, Churches, etc.). At that locations people can get help in critical situations onsite (explanations, help with filling out forms, …) but also help at home. Ladies who come into the home and look after the small children and the housekeeping while the (e.g.) mother is not able to do so (seriously ill at home, hospital, cure, …). In addition support for disabled people, elderly people, … could also be given by the related institution and that location I want to tag is the local/regional office for this.

As far as I know something similar is in UK in place but not on such an official integrated way, but more based on working in a honorary capacity.

I hope this explains a bit the background of the kind of office I want to tag.

With best regards