How to tag tricolor trails?

Dear OSM users and editors.

I’d like to ask about a method for tagging tricolor trails. Normal (standard) way for tagging, at least in Poland and Europe, are three horizontal stripes (bars) - top and bottom are white, middle one is red, blue, yellow etc. Recently I found a trail which has three different colors - green, yellow, red - as on attached photos. And other trail appeared in my area - brown, yellow, green.

Of course I know basic tags for trails:

colour=red - trail will be displayed with red line on the maps
osmc:symbol=red:white:red_bar - trail will be distinguished from others with white-red-white rectangle on maps which support it (for example

I checked the wiki but didn’t found an example for marking like described above. To be clear - I don’t look for method to display three color line on maps. I need only proper osmc:symbol tag.

Could anyone help?

How about
osmc:symbol = waycolor:green:red_lower:yellow_bar:: where “waycolor” is any of the three (doesn’t matter for the symbol)

This works on this page, it generates:

The second foreground is documented on the Wiki and it might work in OSMand (not sure). Unfortunately it’s not supported on Waymarkedtrails. You’ll just get the green and red bars there.

Big thanks! So ‘waycolor’ is not a key itself, I should put green, yellow, red or other color name here?

I’ll ask on WMT Github about possibility of implementation of this feature.

I’m currently refusing to implement the second foreground color on waymarkedtrails because the syntax described on the wiki is underspecified and requires some guessing on which element is which, based on content. I could live with something like:


which should be backward compatible enough to cover most current usage and ensure that the parts can be clearly identified by their position. I don’t have the time to fully research the implications of such a change. The main clash would be with symbols that use <waycolor>:<background>:<text>:<text_color> right now. Maybe somebody else wants to do it and put it in a proposal?

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