How to tag the electrified tag of tram with battery?

In Canton China, there is Haizhu Tram, the tram running does not rely on catenary or third rail power supply, but on the supercapacitor battery power supply. The tram is charged only when it arrive the tram station in 30 secs, and there is tracks dedicated to charging in the station.

So, how should I tag the electrified tag of tram tracks? electrified=rail, 4th_rail or ground-level_power_supply only in the station? Or the whole tram line? Or other?

electrified=* concerns the electrification of tracks only, not the vehicles. So for now, only tag the appropriate value at the tram stop’s tracks.

I have thought about looking into more detailed track and vehicle traction (including cable propulsion, inductive charging, and linear motor) before.