How to tag street sections + area around it

We have some cases here where a street section (one or more blocks) and the area around it receives a distinct name.

For example, small commercial areas like this
It’s one block only and it consists of the street + shops around it.
The street itself has a name, each shop have their own name but the street + shops set receives another name.

Another example:
This boulevard consists of the street (a section of around 10 blocks) + sidewalks + trees + benchs + etc.
The boulevard is at the same time a touristic place (the trees are famous). Like before, the street itself has a name, but all these things together have another name.

How to tag things like this?

Please use links instead of google (don’t be evil) links for privacy reasons. Just in case: you are not allowed to use information from google maps for mapping.

I know that I can’t use data from Google…

I think this is what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

I don’t think that neighbourhood fits here.

The first case is only one block (in red here, in JOSM):

Nothe that it’s the street + shops on both sides (and not a full block).
I am thinking if this could be a proper solution (landuse=retail + name=place name), even if the area isn’t accurate.

I know places that are exactly like this, but longer (with 5 blocks, for example).

For the second example, it’s the red area here (it’s not possible to display all the 10 blocks on this image):

Note that there are two natural=tree_row, one on each side.
See that it’s a narrower area (it’s basically the street and sideways).

This place (a boulevard that is also a touristic place here) I don’t know how to tag (only tourism=attraction?)

I would also use “landuse=retail” + “name=retail block name”. But I’m not sure if nominatim will find it later (to be checked).

Maybe also use place=locality?

No. As specified in the wiki (, “place=locality” is “For an unpopulated named place.”