How to tag small shelters in recreation/play/sports grounds

I have tagged a shelter (a bit like a bus shelter) in a recreation area for teenagers to gather in as amenity=shelter.
However this is rendered at level 13 when it would be more appropiate to render at level 15/16 or above as it is on the level of park benches or other childrens playground equipment.

Can you set the level at which a node is rendered?
Or is there a more appropriate way of tagging youth shelters?

There is a proposal for a new tag: playground=teenshelter
as part of this proposal for tagging playground equipment:

Note this is still a proposal, so you can go to its discussion page and add any comments if you want. And it won’t be rendered on any maps yet.

So I would need to use leisure=playground and playground=teenshelter which would mean that for it would be rendered as a see-saw and hopefully changed to a better icon when approved.

I have also used the same amenity=shelter for a bus-shelter type structure beside the local football pitch, so what do I change this to?