How to tag Sea Cadets unit?

Hi all

Any steers on how to tag a Sea Cadets unit?

Would this be a club= of some description, by analogy with club=scout? club=cadet maybe?

Or amenity=community_centre + community_centre:for=juvenile? (But it’s not open to any old juvenile, only cadets; and doesn’t do any old activity, only quasi-military messing about in boats)



I tend to cheat by looking at what other people have tagged them as. Start at , and click through to overpass turbo for a few. There’ll be lots of building=yes, but in addition with a bit of luck some other tags.

Thanks - I didn’t know about that search facility.

It’s turned up a plethora of different tagging regimes! I’ve put all the significant instances below. (Incidentally, plenty that I can’t find in OSM Tagfinder: have I missed a piece about how that search works?)

My gut was to follow Long Eaton with amenity=community_centre etc, but the wiki clearly understands that to be for places with more-or-less-public access.

The wiki for club=* seems a better fit: a ‘club’ is understood to have a special interest.

What are people’s thoughts? (Incidentally again, I’m still trying to work out the role of the wiki in OSM practice: lots of times I read up on it and then others say, ‘don’t be too hidebound by it’.)

I even wonder if there’s a case for a new tag? In the UK the cadet corps has a very particular feel - not really scouts (bc it’s on a military model), not really military (bc cadets are civilians, along with most of the instructors), and not really ‘watersports club’ either.

I’m currently looking into this and brainstorming some stuff over on my wiki page:
it’s more Air Training Corps focused at the moment but feel free to add anything there more useful to yourself! It’s tricky only really knowing about one of them.

As you’ll see, Ive gone down the club=* route.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with making up your own tags and forgoing the whole wiki process, especially in the beginning. I think it comes in more useful at this point, when you have a few examples to pick from so you can come up with some sort of scheme. Without it, you risk people just getting confused, not knowing what tags to use, then potentially not tagging it at all.

(Sorry you’ve had to wait nearly a whole year for a reply by the way! Hopefully this is still somewhat useful, for yourself or anyone else about to embark on this.)

Yes, very useful. Here’s my thanks, 9 months later!