How to tag repair cafes and makerspaces so that they show up on the map

It makes me sad that every shitty business is displayed on the default map (carto) but initiatives for the community like hackerspaces, makerspaces and repair cafes lack visibility if tagged correctly (according to my interpretation of the wiki). I already tried bringing it up in the carto Github repository but to no avail. If I understand correctly they want someone to clean up the whole tagging scheme and already present tagging in that area before they consider rendering it. I don’t have those resource right now, I just want that community led hackerspace and repaircafe to show up on the map.

If we are making this too hard to do it right, I’m afraid people might go the way of least resistance and just tag it as something else that gets rendered.

Mapcomplete has a dedicated view for them.

If they show up on that map then they’re probably tagged correctly.