How to tag new roads

Hi all
I have recorded a .gpx track and would like to include it ito OSM.

I have managed to upload the file to the OSM server (I think). I received a confirmation mail. Now I need to set the nods to the connecting roads and classify the road.

How do I do this?

Thanks for your expertise advise

The GPS tracks are only used as as background layer for mapping. You have to draw the road manually. There is no magic or automation (nor should there be, GPS traces often get weird).
Just fire up the editor of your choice, add a GPS layer (iD has it in background options, in JOSM you can download GPS traces along OSM data), draw a road and add an appropriate tag.
Have a look at: which shows you when to use which highway value.
Note that road classification in your country may be specific, so check the Wiki for that also.
We could help better if you link to the GPS trace or location in question.

Looking at his history, it is in Mexico and one of them is which fills the gap between and It looks like it runs a long the administrative boundary ( ), and further, local, research may show that the centre line defines that boundary, in which case it should be plotted using the same nodes. (It is possible it got accidentally deleted by someone who had difficulty with two ways on top of each other.) If it is on the centre line, the other way that shares with that boundary should probably be unified with the boundary.

The tagging is probably the same as the road either side.

The other is This is clearly visible on Bing and the Bing alignment seems to be at least as good as the GPS alignment, and a lot better in places, so I would trace it from Bing, and just use the GPS to confirm that the right turns are made at junctions.