How to tag mountainbike cleaning facility

Near some parking areas close to mountainbike routes we have these cleaning facilities. These are meant for mountainbike cleaning so the bicycle in this picture is a little confusing but show you how it works :wink: How are these tagged? Any suggestion?

Take a look at Key:service:bicycle:cleaning - OpenStreetMap Wiki which is for shop=bicycle but there is also a link to amenity=bicycle_wash | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo


And when there is a combined bicycle and horse wash?

amenity=car_wash + bicycle=designated + self_service=yes + automated=no + fee=* ?

I usually wash bicycle at manual car wash stations anyway. After all, from the picture it does not seem that car or motorcycle owner would not be able to use that bike cleaner too. (unless there is no way for cars to reach that area, but then it is a self-solving problem)

From: Tag:amenity=car_wash - OpenStreetMap Wiki

A car wash is a facility used to clean the exterior and, in some cases, the interior of motor vehicles. Car washes can be self-serve, fully automated, or full-service with attendants who wash the vehicle. There are also washing facilities for trucks, buses and trains.
In some cases, the same facility may also be used for washing dogs.

While it does not mention bicycles specifically (unless you happen to use bicycle with electric motor, which makes it “motor vehicle”), it does mention other vehicles as well as dogs, so I’d assume anything between truck and a dog is also acceptable. It also addresses horse problem above too :smile: (BTW I can easily see a Face on Mars but where is a horse in that picture @Allroads ?!)

You can get a key to open the box with the hose.


@Matija_Nalis ohh, … the horse.

I saw amenity=washing_place then perhaps bicycle=yes horse=yes, just for washing of the dirt after the ride.

amenity=bicycle_repair_station + service:bicycle:cleaning=yes.

Do not use amenity=car_wash. Requiring data consumers to look for bicycle=designated to learn that it’s not meant for motor vehicles makes it a Trolltag.

Requiring data consumers to look for bicycle=designated to learn that it’s not meant for motor vehicles makes it a Trolltag

As I noted originally, it might be used for car too despite the name (just like your regular car wash can be used for washing bicycles, despite the name). It even says on the wiki it is even for washing other stuff than cars.

I’m more confident that access tags are common (like motorcar=discouraged, bicycle=designated) and supported widely. Take for example quite common situation of amenity=fuel or amenity=parking marked with hgv=designated and motorcar=no (even if by default one might assume that they might park their car on car parking)

The irony is that using amenity=bicycle_repair_station (which is intended to, you know, repair bicycles, and not wash them) for indicating that one can wash a bicycle there is likely even bigger trolltag :smiling_face:

Not OSM related, but: If you do that take great care to not directly hit your bottom bracket and wheel bearings with the high pressure hose. Those for cars have much higher pressure than those for bikes and can damage your bike!

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Cleaning is a type of repair and maintenance, totally appropriate to tag as a repair station. If I was a bicyclist with a flat tire looking for a pump and I found this, I’d be disappointed but not confused. Next time I might check the service:bicycle:pump tag, if my app lets me.

But if I were a driver looking for a car wash and I came across this I’d think there was some mistake. You may wash your bike at a car wash but that’s not what this is.

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I’d politely disagree. Or should we get rid of all those those pesky amenity=car_wash and replace them with shop=car_repair + car_wash=yes ?

I’d be raving mad at such trolltag use though. (Maybe because I actually use bicycle :biking_man: as primary transportation?) To fix the punctured tire, you actually need tools. That is why amenity=bicycle_repair_station explicitly says that service:bicycle:tools=yes is implied on it. There are no bicycle repair tools here.

Yes, you might technically mark bicycle washing station as:


… but that is very definiton of a trolltag (one could as well also map car washing as amenity=fuel + fuel:*=no + car_wash=yes)

Also, amenity=bicycle_repair_station wiki does not mention service:bicycle:cleaning=yes at all (not surprising, as is it shop=bicycle subtag) , nor does taginfo show it being in use is such combinations. As such, changes of it being supported is very low.

Well, you could wash your car there. It might not be up to your preferred level of comfort, as it might need turning it around in the middle of the wash (if you did not park smartly), but there are different standards of car washing at different places (sometimes you might only get a sponge and a bucket of water which you need to walk around and manually refill several times).

But sure, I would add motorcar=discouraged in that case.

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Just set the information back on the forum, it very informative to see all kinds of facilities over the world. To get a broader insight, what is used, to see the difference.

This related discussion was moved (but Discourse unfortunately doesn’t link discussion both ways like GitHub issues do for example, so let me link manually):

Since my initiative originally was seed from this thread, I would like to add a crosslink to the new proposal for amenity=bicycle_wash and also motivate @PeeWee32 and others to contribute their photos to the category on Wikimedia Commons. Thank you!