How to tag give way to pedestrians

In the Netherlands sometimes all traffic has to give way to pedestrians. This usually are two normal roads crossing, with sidewalks. On one road however, the sidewalk crosses the road. Since sidewalks usually are about 15 centimeters high, also this part of road is 15 cm high. Cars can easily cross however because the sidewalk is “ramped”.
The point is that all traffic has to give way to pedestrians on that “sidewalky thing”.
What would be a good way to tag this?
What is a good tag to indicate that cars have to give way to pedestrians?
Sorry for my drawing skills :slight_smile:

Start with

sloped_kerb=yes or kerb=flush

However, I can’t see any standard way of indicating that the flush kerb is achieved by raising the carriageway for this purpose alone.

There seems to be no way of indicating pedestrian priority, other than when implicit in crossing_ref=zebra, but that requires distinctive road markings.

Note that in the UK such raised carriageways have no legal status, so do not give priority to pedestrians. They are, arguably designed to slow the traffic for the benefit of pedestrians, so


would probably also be appropriate.


This is wrong, this is not a pedestrian crossing.
It is the opposite. This is a vehicle crossing.
Not often used, maybe there is no good name for it.
The vehicles have a crossing over the footway.
This should be on the node footway=crossing meaning the footway ( key ) is crossed.

highway=crossing ment the pedestrian (foot) is crossing a highway (road), key, and with crossing= unmarked to traffic_lights.
A basic highway=crossing have no foot priority, unless you give the right tag crossing= with crossing_ref=zebra
Basically on node, the key have a priority of way.

for example
railway=crossing meaning foot crosses the railway.
The train have a priority of way.

On node the key says, what is crossed. This is the chosen OSM methodology.

Get the mindset.
If you cross a footway, then this should be footway=crossing.


On a way, highway=footway crossing the road, the length. There is set footway=crossing crossing=unmarked or uncontrolled etc.
This is the chosen OSM methodology.
Watch out!, this is opposite to the node tagging.


When you do that for the road in the above image. Crossing a footway.
Then you should use, residential=crossing. unclassified=crossing etc. on the way length.

OSM methodology.
On a footway we tag.

highway=footway this footway value we use as a key to express the crossing on a way. footway=crossing crossing=*

This method makes it highway=residential and residential=crossing

do we use here a simple not following correctly the OSM method.
highway=residential highway=crossing on the way length.

To be discussed, …

From the point of view of driving over the sidewalk, would it be similar to traffic_calming=hump or traffic_calming=table?

If so, then at the node/point where the vehicle road and foot way:


It’s hump-ish and table-ish, but it’s not the same thing.
Actually Allroads is closest; in stead of highway=crossing where cars are main traffic this is footway=crossing where pedestrians are main traffic.
That would result in something like this:

This is how it looks in real life. Pedestrians have right of way here.

This is pretty much what I would do, too. Add those tags to a node, and sidewalk=both tags to all the roads, and you already have a good representation of the situation on the ground.

In my opinion, this unnecessarily complicates matters. Looking at the photo, this isn’t all that different from other pedestrian crossings. The special traits are that it 1) is raised, 2) has the same surface as the sidewalk, and 3) pedestrians have priority.

  1. can be expressed by combining it with the appropriate traffic_calming and kerb tags.
  2. can be expressed with a simple surface=paving_stones, if desired.
  3. isn’t possible to tag at the moment, as far as I know. But as you said yourself, pedestrians having priority is already the case for many crossings that are nevertheless tagged as highway=crossing nodes (e.g. zebra crossings).
  1. is key.
    The thing is that in this case it’s not pedestrians that are allowed to cross the road. Here its cars that are allowed to cross the sidewalk.
    In my opinion this requires a new tag and footway=crossing sounds good to me. Or eventually sidewalk=crossing.
    Or maybe it doesn’t require a tag at all. Traffic cruising there will see they have to cross the sidewalk and drive accordingly (give way).

An other thing is that some people want to tag this because of routing software, that can plan a route based on problems like this, crossing sidewalks with humps, which the software may want to avoid.