How to tag - Ear Wax removal clinic (repost)

In the United Kingdom there are a large number of clinics which only offer a service to remove Ear Wax ( & dead skin / foreign bodies). The organisations & practitioners are (should be ) registered as healthcare providers. The work is commonly carried out by a trained nurse

I believe this type of clinic should appear under the healthcare key & healthcare:speciality

But none of the existing tags cover only cover “Ear Wax” removal.
It can be argued to be covered by healthcare=audiologist , but that that is for a location where an audiologist practices. This is usually not the case for these clinics.

I’d suggest going for


No doubt about that., but healthcare=audiologist is the wrong approach, as professional ear cleaning is not done by an audiologist, but by an otolaryngologist in most cases.

If the clinic does not offer any other service then ear cleaning (ear wax removal) then it should be tagged as such, as suggested by you, but the key is healthcare_speciality (not specialist) and the value “ear wax” does not say much about what they are doing with that stuff imo. So I would go for


(which is a bit more generic then ear_wax_removal)

If the clinic offers full otolaryngology services then it should be tagged as


Thank you, I agree that…


makes far more sense. I’ll wait a couple of days, then add to the wiki page and use the tag. If anyone else has some subsequent issues I’d be happy to make changes.

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