How to tag buildings that are specifially built for holiday accomodation but are _not_ built as a hotel?


there is building=hotel for buildings that are specifically constructed to be a hotel.

How to tag buildings that are explicitly constructed for (temporal, paid) accomodation but not of hotel-style?, like to accomodate people in bunk beds like on a holiday village (or a hostel)?

Is building=hotel generic for all those use cases, or should we e.g. invent building=bunkbeds (building=dormitory already is reserved for something else) and/ or use building=hostel (not documented in the wiki, but used 235 times according to taginfo)?

Or just building=yes?

Example: This in the Feriendorf am Eisenberg. This building has one big open room with 3 levels where mattresses lying side by side, one bunk bed, a sitting area, and a separate bathroom.