How to tag an industrial asphalt lot?

So I’ve finally been stymied by a feature. I found some large, asphalt-paved areas in an industrial/commercial park and I don’t know how to tag them.

Here’s the first example:

This could possibly be a parking lot (there seem to be some lines and a few cars; needs survey), but there’s also a lot of stuff in it as well, sort of like storage.

Second example:

The top right area again is probably a parking lot, but the center one is confusing. There are a few vehicles there, but again, a lot of stuff stored in it. It’s clearly not all a parking lot, and doesn’t have clear aisles to put a highway=service in anywhere either. These were tagged as highway=service and area=yes, but I don’t that’s a valid tagging scheme.

Thoughts? Would it be some kind of landuse with surface=asphalt? Or is there a tag for a lot that isn’t for parking?

The first step would be to visit the place in person, so you have a better idea of the thing you want to map.

Alright, I know I’m already a bit late but what’s the follow-up? I’ve got my own industrial areas to map, I know these places already but what do you tag large asphalt areas as? Storage terrains like the above, just big asphalt plates to give trucks more turning room, in some cases just big asphalt with parking at the sides (see image)?

Depends on what is used for.

If you have confirmed it is asphalt, but don’t know the purpose, I’d suggest:


although at least some of the image seems to be amenity=parking